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Looking for more resources to support your health and well-being? Check out these books, podcasts, apps, and more. You can also head to my Instagram page for more information about a range of topics. Click the link below.


Huberman Labs 


Hosted by Dr. Andrew Huberman. Discusses neuroscience, connection to the body and behaviours. Talks about nutrition, supplements, tools and more relating to the nervous system. 

ATP Science Podcast

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Deep dive into science, media and the hype surrounding health trends and breakthroughs surrounding the health industry. 

Between Clinical Minds

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This podcasts discusses clinical stories from researchers, Doctors, Naturopaths and patients. 

Armchair Expert


Hosted by Dax Shepard. Dax discusses life and celebrates human stories. 

FX Medicine

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Sit down with a range of experts discussing evidence based functional and integrative medicine. 

Periods, Poos & Pimples

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Jacinta Barbagallo hosts this podcast about women's wellness. Discussing topics such as hormones, acne and fertility. 


Healthy Family Food Ideas

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Claudine Boulstridge is a mother of three young children on a mission to help all kids enjoy real food.

Creating nutritious but delicious food, in order to help them grow without mealtimes feeling like a chore

Good Fish

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Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide is your comprehensive guide to seafood sustainability.

This tool is here to empower you to act on growing public concern about the impact of fishing on our ocean ecosystems and their wildlife.

Deliciously Clean Eats


Creating convenience, with  fresh food delivery to help you overcome barriers and support your healthy lifestyle.

Catering to busy executives, everyday families, students, elderly plus major sporting and corporate events.

Thrive Meals


Creating real food ready meals and bespoke supplements, designed by nutritionists and chefs who work collaboratively. Thrive's nutrition solutions are based on the latest science and help our customers lose excess bodyweight, reduce inflammation, improve fitness and much more.


Balance App


Balance is created by Elevate Labs, a company on a mission to improve people's minds. They have helped more than 50 million people improve their communication, math, and memory skills with their app Elevate, which has won Apple's App of the Year award.


Break The Mold

Fast Like a Girl

Dirty Genes

Jill Crista

Mindy Pelz

Ben Lynch

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