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An Integrative Client Centred Approach to Your Wellbeing

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Meet Alisha

As a mother, wife, and eco-conscious individual, I find joy in life's simple pleasures like tea, books, bush walks, dance, and helping others.

Despite grappling with health challenges, including mental health issues and autoimmune diseases, I've discovered resilience and happiness.

With a Bachelor of Health Sciences/Naturopathy, I blend traditional and modern approaches to healthcare, aiming to empower my patients to understand their bodies and minds.

My commitment to ongoing learning ensures I integrate the latest research and therapies into my practice, providing a nurturing environment for healing. Through personalised care and holistic support, I strive to guide individuals towards improved well-being and vitality.

Herbal Remedies


I provide a holistic health approach, focused on the natural healing abilities of the body. Embracing Naturopathic principles, I uncover the fundamental root causes driving symptoms.


By treating these core disturbances, effective healing can occur and bring true health and happiness.


Additionally, through the collaborative process of this healing journey, clients are empowered and more well versed regarding their health moving forward. 

Digestive Health

A significant amount of our overall health derives from the ability to have and maintain great Gut Health. This inevitably means when assessing and managing any illness, we much address any underlying gut issues. These may include diagnosed illnesses such as IBS, SIBO, reflux, diverticulitis or symptoms such as bloating, nausea and constipation/diarrhoea 


Ensuring we are meeting our required daily intake of nutrients can be challenging. This is further exacerbated by our genetics. This is where nutrigenomics comes in. We can assess through symptoms and testing what nutrients you personally will require. MTHFR, COMT, PEMT issues are all addressed here and can present as fatigue, digestive issues, sleep, hormonal or mental health dysfunction such as ASD/ADHD .

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Plant Mirror Reflection

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Looking for a holistic health approach? Get in touch via the form opposite or call me on the number below to book a consultation.

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